Seats optimized for comfort during a journey of several hours. The seats are characterized by a wide range of individualization, and the available features can be individually configured to meet the specific needs of customers. RECARO Rail seats for the intercity segment allow passengers to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing journey.

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Seats that combine the divergent expectations of passengers for comfort on one side and operators for compact design, low weight and robustness for frequent passenger turnover on the other side.
RECARO Rail's solutions are proven over many years of use combined with innovative concepts to successfully respond to the various needs of passengers and operators.
Modular design and customization options complement the versatile characteristics of our seats in the regional segment.

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Seats that are designed for the installation in subway vehicles, where flexible design and comfort are expected, even for relatively long distances. RECARO Rail's seats for the metro segment balance the expectations of design simplicity and a sense of seating comfort.

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Seat for the city segment should combine the different expectations of users in a special way, providing comfort, layout efficiency, light weight, durability and customization at the same time. When developing these seats, the experience in the usage of seats in a wide variety of conditions is irreplaceable. RECARO Rail has all necessary competencies to meet the complexity of expectations from passengers and operators.

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At RECARO Rail, we believe that we should support our customers not only with new seats but also at a later stage of the seats' lifecycle. This is why we offer refurbishment services - this can include repair but also modernization. We provide this service not only for our own seats, but also for seats of other manufacturers. The scope of refurbishment depends on the customer's requirements, ranging from upholstery to comprehensive modernization.

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Special Seats

In order to meet the diverse requirements of customers, RECARO Rail has a broad range of special seats in its portfolio.
These include standardized products dedicated to specific vehicles, as well as solutions individually developed for a specific customer project. Examples of RECARO Rail's special seats include:

  • restaurant seats
  • seats for sleeping compartments
  • seats with bicycle holders
  • etc.